Thursday Housekeeping

There are a lot of things to cover today…

First, how many Creative Writers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I don’t know. Check the handbook.

That’s right, folks, the new Creative Writing Handbook is hot off the printing press, so to speak. Freshmen will find this incredibly useful as your guide for navigating your way through CW. Almost as useful as your amazing writing buddies, I would say. Almost.

Second, pertaining to mostly freshmen once more, here is regarding submissions. As you know, submitting three pieces of writing to a publication is a department requirement, and we have a couple of sources to help you get started. At websites like CRWROPPS and Duotrope (also listed under the LINKS column on the right side of the CW homepage), publications or contests post their submission requirements, along with a handy link for instant submission. When you get published, tell me. This is a source of pride for the department, and also a revenue source for the blog (and by revenue I mean blogpost content interest value).

Third, Heimat 1, this Friday. I’m sure you’ve received all of the emails (all of them) about the 15-hour epic marathon, and I’m going to promise right now that I will be there. So for all of you out there who would love my company in a dark, silent theater for fifteen hours (you know who you are), go.

4:30 Refreshments and registering new students
5pm Film program
7:15 Break for soup & sandwiches
8:45 Break for dessert & coffee

Edgar Reitz’s HEIMAT 1 (1984) The first part of one of the longest films ever made (53 hours) we think the 15 hours of Heimat 1 you’ll remember the rest of your life. Most you have never even imagined seeing a 15 hr film, concentrating that much for that length of time, but this film is so exceptional and this experience so unique, we hope you’ll at least come try. We don’t expect everyone to last, and we’ll have a schedule for you, so you can know what you’ve missed if you want to come back.

SATURDAY AUGUST 25 (same as above)
1pm PICNIC Our first celebration of 15 yrs of Cine/club and 20 yrs of SF Art & Film-you’re welcome to join us even if you don’t want to stay for the film.

1:30 Film program
3:30 Break for cookies and coffee
6:30 Break for pizza and salad
9:15 Break for dessert & coffee


For tomorrow’s Buddy Check-In, please bring in an item that is of sentimental value to you to share with your Buddy. Say it with me now, “d’aaaaaaw.”

Because that was long-winded and picture-less, here is a video of Hazel talking about A-R-T. For compensation:

One thought on “Thursday Housekeeping

  1. Heather Woodward says:


    You are so much fun to read! The blogsite ROCKS.

    Love it– Heather

    Heather Woodward

    Director, Creative Writing

    Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

    555 Portola Drive

    San Francisco, CA 94131



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