CW Potluck Exclusive

Our very own sophomore, the wonderful Avi Hoen, very graciously wrote a piece on the CW Potluck on Thursday.

CW Potluck!

Tonight in Creative Writing we had the most amazing spread of food for our annual potluck. Students and parents discussed the details, financial situation, and pure enjoyment of our wonderful department. Julie Glantz presented the merchandise that can be purchased– such as the chap books– and reported that CW made over $9,000 in front-of-house sales.  Jenna Schott and Erik Honda informed our group of fundraising opportunities so that CW may continue to have outstanding Artists-in-Residence.  Karen Saux encouraged parent involvement and Derek Schott along with Valeria Kumin spoke about the upcoming trip to Kirby Cove. This potluck brought the community together and showed how important of a role each parent and child plays in our extended family of Creative Writing.

For all the CDubs out there, Yes, submitting to the blog is now a 6-week requirement. Paragraphs like this are fantastic regarding different activities or events happening in Creative Writing. I will also take published poems or short stories to put under the Students’ Work page. Essentially, I am looking for a snippet of the Creative Writing life, told in the voice of a Creative Writer.

(That gives you a lot a lot a lot of leeway, loves. Don’t say I never did anything for you.)

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