Panini It!

by Frances (’14)

This is not a panini.

Creative Writing is being the best again, I’ve noticed. I mean, obviously, we’re the best at everything. We have the best shows, we have the best classroom, and we have the best students. Now, we’re even the best at lunch. Back in the day, lunch was just lunch a one-syllable, unsophisticated lump of a word we used to describe our forty minutes of bad sandwiches and ZipLocked carrot sticks. We’d sit in circles. We’d talk about our schoolwork, and then someone would say, “Wow. This is a terrible sandwich.” We’d shrug. Lunch would be over, and classtime would start. Then, one day, Justus began bringing a coffee press to school everyday. As soon as lunch began, he’d make a pot of coffee for the creative writers to enjoy. Immediate improvement. I’d see kids from other departments trying to sneak in for a cup of coffee, and then we’d glare at them until they left. Our most recent addition to the our lunch periods is the panini press, courtesy of Colin. Since we’ve gotten it, we’ve pretty much been grilling everything we could think of. I’ve seen paninied carrot sticks and paninied nutella sandwiches, paninied grilled cheese. We even tried to bake cookies on the panini press once. (Ineffective.) Now, whenever anybody says, “Wow. This is a terrible sandwich,” people from all ends of the room shout, “Panini it!” We win, Creative Writing. We are the best at everything.

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