11/18, Some Like It Hot

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18 CINE/CLUB Randall Museum 199 Museum Way
SF 6:30 Refreshments 7pm film

Student Film: Alexandra Adams’ TECHNICOLOR KISS
Short Film: Carlos Cauron’s ME LA DEBES

Billy Wilder’s SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959, USA)
In one of the best comedies ever to come from Hollywood, two struggling musicians find themselves on the run from the mob after witnessing a hit. With their options running out, they hide themselves in plain sight by putting on dresses and wigs and joining an all girl band. Things warm up when Marilyn Monroe starts to get close to one of the pair. This film is anything but a drag! (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves…)

We thought it was time for you to have a break from all the difficult, mind-expanding films and enjoy a thoroughly frivolous one. The actors have so much fun in this film, it’s a joy to watch them. The writing is quick and clever, and has lines people have been quoting for 50 years now. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis outdo any other comic performers of their generation. The film brought a new feeling of openness about cross-dressing to the general public, and is probably the campiest you’ll see.

Billy Wilder fled Nazi Germany and found his real following in Hollywood, where he directed a number of acclaimed films throughout the 40’s and 50’s. DOUBLE INDEMNITY, THE LOST WEEKEND and SUNSET BOULEVARD are his classic dramas, and SOME LIKE IT HOT was one of the late comedies, which includes THE APARTMENT. Wilder had a long career and died at 95. Much of the latter part of his life was spent collecting modern art. His collection was one of the largest and most inclusive in Hollywood.

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