CW Annual Scavenger Hunt

The first annual SOTA Creative Writing scavenger hunt, organized by the wonderful Mollie Cueva, was a roaring success. Writing buddies walked swiftly and

silently through the halls of the school, searching fervently for all the items on the list, trying to beat the other teams to the final destination. Some teams headed earnestly toward each goal, while others used their wiles and wits to find shortcuts. Mollie stands above them all, watching, amused, calmly eating her salad.

Finally, when Mollie decided it was about time, she slowly strolled to the Shakespeare Stage, where she was supposed to wait for the winning team to show. Little had she known, not only one, but three pairs had already reached the stage. She asked who the winners were, and the students, loving members of the same community, didn’t even consider cheating as the winning writing buddies pair stepped up.

Congratulations, MYKEL and VANESSA, for winning this year’s scavenger hunt!!!


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