Sophomore Slumptch by Sequioa Hack

The relationship between high school and a student attending it is parallel to the relationship that an iron has with the shirt it’s ironing. Both are situations that one usually learns or experiences at a pivotal point in their lives – high school marking the last couple of years where dependence on parents for housing and food is necessary, while also being the first few years where independence is slowly gained. By knowing how to successfully iron, one gains a sense of professionalism that marks a newfound idea of maturity.

High school and ironing both offer a support center where problems can be solved – the teachers and the ironing board. However, if one of these support systems fails to carry out their purpose effectively, the impact on the person using the iron or attending high school can be varied and unpleasant. If an ironing board broke right before a job interview, one would have a wrinkled shirt that eventually may play a part in the hiring or lack of, specifically concerning the professionalism aspect of this prospective job. Now, if the teachers in a high school (or any school for that matter) fail to connect with the students they are in charge of for an hour each day, the student’s motivation to learn and show up for class is dissolved. This is a main factor in the existence of the “sophomore slump.”

The sophomore slump is a phenomenon that occurs in many teens during their second year of high school. It is a period of time when the sophomore realizes they aren’t close enough to the beginning of high school to be coddled but also aren’t at the point in their lives where exploring colleges is a necessity. Heather has noticed this boredom and feeling of uselessness that has erupted amongst the sophomores. As a result, during a lunch period this past week, Heather organized a lunch where all she and all the sophomores came together to talk and to combat the angst we were feeling. People brought lovely homemade cookies, fruit, popcorn, chips, and some nuts. We laughed, shared stories from weekends and past camping trips, and explored our favorite movies and TV shows. We were able to bond in a lovely, unstressed setting where nothing was expected of us other than to be kind to each other. The result of this lunch was a strengthened bond, shared between the ten girls of the CW class of 2021.


Sequoia Hack, class of 2021



13 thoughts on “Sophomore Slumptch by Sequioa Hack

  1. Coco Johnson says:

    Hey Sequoia,

    Nice piece! The sophomore lunch with Heather was fun and relaxing for me too as well. I was not particularly stressed about anything at that time but it was refreshing and fun to have a small get-together with our class.

    Snaps to when you mentioned that the teacher has to make the student interested in their subject. I feel as though many of my teachers this year don’t enjoy what their teaching and lack just as much motivation as their students. The teachers attitude impacts not only them but the students and the vibe of the class.

    Good job!

  2. Otto says:

    I feel like these lunches could solve problems on a bigger scale and not just in high school. I feel like eating meals with your peers can help strengthen or build connections that you would not normally make. Some citywide conflicts could be solved with a nice discussion over a meal or snacks.

  3. Hannah W Duane says:

    Right there beside you… and yet, with high school acceptance letters coming out this week, I’ve been taking a little extra time to feel so grateful for the space we share. I can’t image going to a school with 7 academic classes in a day (Lipkina times 7? I would die.) Our sophomore class, while it doesn’t always get along, is such a gift.

  4. Solange Baker says:

    It’s good to take time to reflect and take a break. I know that Sophomore year can feel tedious but it’s almost over! I can’t believe that you guys are about to be Juniors, time goes by fast. You’ll be graduating before you know it, I know it can be hard, but enjoy your time here! Take advantage of this time in your life where you have freedom and limited responsibilities.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Great post Sequoia! Leaning on your classmates for support or just to flat out vent on the Kafkaesque nature of sophomore year is C R U C I A L. The year is long and there is truly no end in sight, you’ll want all the company you can get on this uphill battle. Keep up the good work, I believe in you all 🙂

  6. Jessica Schott-Rosenfield says:

    Hi, Sequoia!
    Although I’m not looking forward to sophomore year, and the slump that comes with it, the knowledge that current sophomores have gotten through it with their support systems is reassuring. Thank you for a lovely message of hope. When things get tough, perhaps I’ll iron to set myself at ease. 🙂

  7. Zai says:

    Hopefully my sophomore year isn’t the worst, though it surely won’t be the best. Who I believe will keep me sane, however, are my peers. Which is similar to how you mentioned the sophomore lunch helping you with your troubles. I guess I’ll just have to see how my sophomore year plays out.

  8. Kenzo Fukuda says:

    Hopefully you got a chance to reset your batteries after spring break. I think the most important thing to remember about sophomore year is that you it ends in 9 something weeks. Then you have 3 months before the hellfest of junior year. Stay focused!

  9. Nadja Goldberg says:


    Nice analogy in comparing students and teachers to irons and ironing boards. If we are required to be in our classes, we should have teachers who respect that and are adept at teaching their subject and engaging the class.

    I agree that the sophomore slunch was a highlight of these past few months 🙂

  10. Lauren Ainslie says:

    It’s nearly over. Summer approaches. That’s what I tell myself when I’m in the middle of third block and I realize the world could end and no one in the class would move. I’m ready for us to be juniors next year!

  11. Nina Berggren says:


    I really enjoy how this blogpost imparts a message about high school by using an extended metaphor and personal anecdotes. It has sparked memories of my own sophomore slump. I recall those days wistfully, when my class also joined together to overcome our mutual restlessness. We’d explore the city and carry out strange antics… Well it’s so great hearing that your sophomore class’s bond is growing ever tighter! Take it from me, this is your last semester to relax to the max!


  12. Xuan Ly says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Sequoia! I am really glad our class has grown from freshman year though. It is nice to know we’re in it together. Loving that comparison you got there 🙂

  13. Emma Cooney says:

    I really relate to this, cause man does sophomore slump destroy one’s mind and body. Even the process of getting out of bed in the morning is so difficult, let alone completing school work at night. It’s nice knowing I’m not the only one out there; glad we can all suffer together, rather than alone. Well written, relatable blog post.

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