Auditions by Olivia Alegria

The first round of Creative Writing auditions were conducted today! Hooray! Though I had to wake up at 7 on a Saturday, the applicants’ beautiful words, faces, and laughter at our jokes knocked hours off my sleep debt.

Heather told me to say something in this post to frighten the applicants because we know some of you read the blog. Here’s something scary: you were probably surrounded by mice all day. We heard squeaking from the walls.

Today raised a lot of questions for me:

-Why didn’t it sink in for me until today that the mice are real?
-Do they swarm like the leeches in A Series of Unfortunate Events?
-Are they omnivorous?
-Has someone already patented multi-player Chopsticks?

Our school is great, but it can’t teach you everything you need to know. Or rather, it refrains from teaching you the things that will terrify you into sitting cross-legged in your chairs.

One time a mouse ran through my psychology class and each person in the room was convinced it was hiding in his or her backpack. It was hilarious—especially seeing the people with the longest legs huddled up on their chairs, still taking notes on a lecture.

I love my school, and I really hope you do too.

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