A Book To Read by Josie Weidner

Recently I have been looking for a book to read. I know this seems like an odd thing; there are hundreds of thousands of books out there in the world that I’ve never read. Yet, finding a book that intrigues me and keeps my attention is hard.

I like books about nature, and real life, and cowboys. So I searched: who fits into this category? There are those old cowboy books about the Wild West but they don’t seem as special and sacred as I thought they would be. As I pondered the choices at the library, one book caught my eye. Collecting dust on the far shelf, tucked in a dark nook, was Edward Abbey’s The Brave Cowboy. It was about cowboys, nature, and real life. His imagery jumps out like a 3D movie, capturing my attention and submersing me in a world of the Arizona desert. For anyone out there looking for a good read, I highly suggest Edward Abbey. Since that day in the library, I have read several of his books. My favorite is Black Sun, about a fire lookout who falls madly in love. He is quite easily my favorite author and has inspired me to write!

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