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reprinted from SOTA Facebook feature, “SOTA in the City” regarding CW alum Sayre Quevedo:

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SAYRE QUEVEDO (CW 2011) can’t keep quiet– which is a very good thing.

During his junior year with Heather Woodward in the SOTA Creative Writing department, Sayre blended poetry with politics as an intern at YOUTH RADIO in Oakland, a non-profit youth-driven media organization. Since graduation, he has continued with his involvement there.

As Production Assistant, he helps manage the Youth Radio Juvenile Desk, which looks at young people and the criminal justice system. He has produced radio and print pieces for National Public Radio, The Huffington Post, Marketplace, and KQED.

He attended and covered the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina and has traveled to Chicago, New Mexico, and New York in pursuit of opinions, facts and truth.

This Fall, Sayre received a NEW VOICES scholarship, awarded to emerging minority radio producers to attend the THIRD COAST INTERNATIONAL AUDIO FESTIVAL. A co-host of the DIGITAL WAVES NEW MEDIA FESTIVAL at WNYC, he won 2nd place in the Multi-Media Slam for a piece of reporting for National Public Radio: “Would-Be Accountant Takes to Streets to Find Work.” His piece for KALW: “Making Sense of California Youth Sentencing Laws.” earned him a spot as a finalist in this year’s Media For A Just Society Awards.

Recently accepted to The New School — Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts in New York as a Fellow with GLOBAL CITIZEN YEAR. he will spend his freshman year of college in Ecuador living with a host family and apprenticing in the field of education, agriculture, environment, or public health. His current SUMMER CAMPAIGN, a short intensive challenge designed to hone leadership and community-building skills, is an awareness and fundraising effort to raise $2,500 toward Global Citizen Year’s Scholarship Fund, which helps fund annual travel opportunities for low-income youth.

Sayre believes in “….audio as not only a creative outlet but a tool for change.” He’s speaking out and people are listening. He also believes in community. Support his challenge by subscribing to his blog and sharing the link.

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