The Onset of Summer

Only a week in, and I’ve already had the unparalleled experience of lounging by a swimming pool underneath the sun, sipping lemonade and eating grapes, while mindless pop music played. Cliché doesn’t even begin to cover it.

But. School.

What? What school? I don’t understand that incredibly obscure reference you just made.

But. School.

The brand new edition of the Creative Writing summer assignment is fresh out of the oven. Or rather, fresh out of my printer; it seems to hum, “Remember me?” as it sits on my desk as an origami duck (just kidding) (but not really). If you haven’t received the email from Heather, click here for the list of assignments.

Next, Saria! The wonderful Saria is hosting a “Poetry to Performance” workshop this summer, along with her one night-only show, Homeless in Homeland at The Marsh Theatre. For the workshop, tentative cost, tentative schedule, email Saria for more details. Workshop + Show flyer here.

So, there’s this thing that people do on occasion, and I don’t know much of it, but it’s called recreational reading? Apparently, people do it quite a lot (at least, according to my research). Actually, I think I might have done it at one point, but I’m fuzzy on the details.

But, guess what? It’s summer. Believe it or not (though I hope for your sake that you do believe it), we have all the time in the world. No more sleeping at one to get your chemistry lab done, or getting up at five in the morning to finish up the last few algebra problems–– you have time to read. For fun. Dig through your bedside table and unearth those novels you’ve been wanting to finish because guess what? You can do that, and more.

And by more I mean take a look at this list of recommended books by past Cdubs! Guaranteed quality, here‘s your pastime for the summer. You’re very welcome.

I am obviously horrible at organization, because I’m jumping back to summer writing opportunities again, but continuity is overrated anyways (except it’s really not–– continuity is my baby don’t you dare drop it on its head). The Ripe Fruit School of Creative Writing is offering summer classes in Noe Valley, more info here.

Now, the important stuff. What will Midori Atlas-holding-up-the-blog Chen be doing over the summer? I realize the chances of current Cdubs reading this are slim to none, but for the sake of the possibly imaginary incoming freshmen that do as they’re told and read this blog, Yes, I will continue to update the blog. Never daily, probably not even weekly, but there will be updates, if only for a reading or writing opportunity.

I accept submissions too, guys, as in if you have something you think is relevant to Creative Writing, drop me an email at and I will (judge it and) publish it on the blog. If one of your submissions come through during the summer, tell me. If you know of a potentially-awesome reading, tell me. If you miss me and want me to write something anything on the blog, tell me. Don’t be shy. I’m talking to you, incoming freshmen. You’re one of us, now, there’s no room for shame.

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