2012 Creative Writing Summer Session

Led by Maia Ipp, CW Artist-in-Residence
July 10—July 26 (3 weeks)
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 11 am—3 pm
Class held at Maia’s apartment in North Beach and in locations around the city

This summer workshop is an opportunity to exercise and deepen your
writing practice over the summer in a more experimental and less
formal setting. Using place-based inspiration from new adventures all
over the city, creative exercises, and workshopping, you’ll get to
spend 3 weeks focused on writing and developing your CW community
(including the incoming 9th graders!). It will be a great preparation
for CWII, or for the second year of CWI, where 10th graders step up to
a leadership position.

Fee is $500/student. Some need-based scholarship funds available.

One thought on “2012 Creative Writing Summer Session

  1. Nick says:

    Your information is incorrect. There will be two separate sessions: one for incoming freshmen only, and a second, more intensive workshop for those currently in Creative Writing, this one with a $350 fee.

    I highly encourage anyone who is interested in developing their writing (that should be everyone) to participate in the second session. If money is an issue, then please do talk to Maia; I am sure she will be more than happy to help you.

    Also, Abigail and I will be trying to set up a regular, drop-in poetry group over the summer. If you’d like to attend Maia’s workshop but can’t commit to a regular schedule for whatever reason, an alternative might be stopping by with us when you can—hopefully on a weekly basis, our group would meet to read, discuss, and write poetry with one another…if nothing else, you might find it a painless way to whittle away at your summer work.


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