Wednesday 10/19


Second, if you are interested in LGBTQ issues, and would like a volunteer or paid position with outLoud Radio, apply to be a podcast producer for the outLoud LGBTQ youth podcast today (applications due Friday, November 11). Mykel and Sophia are available for questioning at school, too. (Just make sure to ask nicely!)

Third, just a little reminder, our fiction unit begins tomorrow. For the first time this year, CWI and CWII will part, go their separate ways. CWII will be taught by Maia, while CWI remains with Heather. Can’t wait!

Last but not least, this might be a bit last minute, but if you are interested in hearing Verdi’s Requiem at the SF Symphony tomorrow night, please email Ronald Chase for tickets. Students and parents are welcome. Meet at the Davis Symphony Hall at 6:45 PM tomorrow evening.

Verdi’s REQUIEM is one of the monumental blocks in 19th century music, a huge score for 4 soloists, chorus and orchestra. James Conlon (who conducted brilliantly the Shostakovich last week) will be the conductor.
Try to drop what you were supposed to do and join us. It’s a tremendous musical experience.
The Requiem is a funeral mass to commemorate the death of a public figure, king or to commemorate a significant public occasion. Verdi’s Requiem got it’s start with a requiem for Rossini (the popular composer), in which a number of composers collaborated, but which was never performed. Verdi had saved his contributions, and when the writer and humanist Alessandro Manzoni died, he decided to finish his requiem.

It is a colossal musical experience–the bowels of the earth open in one movement, angels appear in others, darkness and chaos sweep over many sections. Verdi was famous for his dramatic operas, and that sense of theater and drama extends to the requiem, which will be performed without intermission.

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