Trip to Scanners

Today’s Adventure Tuesday (as opposed to the usual Adventure Friday) was to the temporary bookstore Scanners, on 14th and Valencia. It will only be open for a month; the store is using a gallery as its space, and it looks it. The books are wacky, visually interesting, on a vast variety of topics, and most are out-of-print. We were given a talk by Scanner’s co-owner, Nick Hoff, about the store and the value of used books. Nick is our own Maia Ipp’s partner, and has in the past come in to teach Creative Writing II. We all were tickled pink with delight at this cornucopia of books; most of our time was spent searching and appreciating the store’s wares. (Many eager purchases were made, some for the Creative Writing room’s collection.) If you have the time, definitely check this rarity of a store out.


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