Many thanks to those who came today! Creative Writing was one of the first of the departments to set up our station– we all arrived before 10 to bring out the tables, Ümaluts, and the Poetry Wall. Many passersby contributed and bought Ümlauts– we made $110 dollars in profit. We gave everyone that buys an Ümlaut a piece of cake for free. Kudos to Avi, who not only baked it (yellow, like CW), but also made the lemon frosting and the “CW!” in chocolate (we made a dollar off the “C” alone).

Everybody did an awesome job presenting our department to prospective parents and students. The amazing Avi and Molly ran around from person to person, selling Ümlauts.

Yes, even the giant sun from Tech. No exceptions.

Nick (and possibly other people) came up with a brilliant idea to attract customers: Human statues.

“YOU. Should buy an Ümlaut.” –Jules

We began the Poetry Wall with little prompts that people added to and expanded on, and soon, all three sides were filled with poems and a couple of interesting sketches…

Special mention to CDubs Giorgia and Abigail, who organized the Poetry Wall and the Ümlaut sells. All in all, it was quite a successful day!

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