Due Dates

Yes, it is already that time of six weeks– your Creative Writing requirements are due!

First up are Literary Reviews, due Tuesday, September 20th. We all should know what to do at this point in the game– if not, consult the copy of one of Abigail’s previous lit reviews to understand what is expected of you.

Second, Submissions and Readings, due Wednesday, September 21st. A list of three submissions formatted like the example in your CW Handbook (again, one of Abigail’s, I believe) and a proof of reading, most of the time the program with the author or event organizer’s signature, handed in to Heather. Molly’s mother was kind enough to compile a list of online magazines she recommends submitting to:

Newport Review
Dark Sky Magazine
Up the Staircase
Camroc Press Review
Word Riot
Prick of the Spindle
Noo Journal
Used Furniture Review
Vox Poetica
Bartleby Snopes
The Toronto Quarterly
Everyday Genius
Necessary Fiction
Gargoyle (Print)
Camera Obscura
fwriction review
blue five notebook
Boundoff (audio)

If you haven’t subscribed to CWRWOPPS, do it now, and here is a list of submitting opportunities that do not require reading fees from its daily notices:

Third, revisions, due no later than Thursday, September 22nd, at 3:10. Revisions will only be accepted if it follows the CW work template and is stapled on top of the original draft. If you plan on turning it in before Heather returns, please give it to Ms. Yu, the substitute, and do not leave it on Heather’s desk or mailbox.

Fourth and final, Art&Film, due Friday, September 23rd, which, coincidentally, is the last day you can complete your requirement– by watching M at the Randall Museum that night. Credit will only be given if you’ve watched two films, so if you haven’t watched at least one…

Department requirements are a major part of your grade, so please don’t slack off and think they’re nothing. Take it seriously and turn everything in on time– those who continuously fail to to do so will be put on probation in Creative Writing.

To end this on a happy note:

Have fun!


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