Shanna, a senior in the Creative Writing Department,  will be going to University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington next year – figuring out what she wants to do with the rest of her life while simultaneously trying not to drown in all the rain. After that, who knows what she’ll be doing. She’d like to move around and go abroad at some point. But at the ripe age of 18, she’s just gonna wherever the wind takes her.


if you think this is about you, it probably is

by Shanna (’13)

i didn’t eat for 3 days and 3
told me i looked skinny enough
to toss in a bed
and i broke 3 nails
punching them out

you’re scared of me because i
curse like it’s my first language and
i act like i’m 6’2
even though i don’t wear
high heels cause they
make me feel inferior
to you
and your dirty sneakers

i’m good at telling the truth
my english teacher won’t know
what the fuck to do with my poetry
cause it’s gnarly, messy
unrhymed and i probably mention
something inappropriate
like that time you
told me you think about me naked
when you close your eyes
in the shower

when you try to kiss me i’ll probably
ask you if i look like your ex
i’m good at that
awkward small talk
bumping hands like
my limbs are
little accidents

i understand if you wanna pick
another blonde
with longer legs and bluer eyes
with a cleaner mouth, better breath
i’m a little used
and i still have scars
and discolorations
up and down my
from the bites
and brush strokes
of everyone
before you
who told me
i was perfect
till i wasn’t

i have a problem
with the way you
make eye contact
like it’s delicate
and i hate the way you
get so close to my face
like you’re trying to find
out what i had for lunch
like you’re trying to
crawl into my mouth

i wrote your name on my notebooks
and the insides of my fingers
the kind of ink that smears when you lick it
the kind that gets on your neck
when i pull you forward
yanking out your molars
with my tongue
and i don’t want to be around me
when i’m in a bad mood

there are parts of
my body
you’ll only see in
a textbook
and i’m sorry for
all the creepy glances
at the bus stop
but i don’t like handshakes
and i don’t want your hugs

i didn’t eat for 3 days
and you told me i
was just your type

Rachel Znerold

by Shanna (’13)

I’ve had Scott as a teacher for almost two years and I feel like I know him pretty well; so when Heather told us his wife was coming in to teach CW, I knew she was going to be to cool. And it was true, Rachel emanated this totally friendly and down-to-earth, arsty vibe. She’s an artist that deals a lot with social activism and social constraints in her work and pushes those boundaries, which is something CW hasn’t seen a lot of. It was a refreshing change of pace, to work with someone who showed us her art not only in pictures and paintings, but also in a real-life installation in the CW room. And I think most of the girls in CW agree, after Rachel showed us some of the many wedding dresses she made (including her own!), we all wanted to jump the gun and ask her to design our own. Rachel was such an amazing artist and person that all of CW agrees: we want her back. (And good job, Scott – your favorite student approves.)