UMLÄUT… is not a typical high school lit review. First published in 2004, this collection of student writing, graphic art, music, and photography has established itself as a journal to be reckoned with.  Its edgy, sophisticated spirit, and the glossy, trade paperback quality of its physical book make it worthy of bookstore shelves — where, indeed, it can often be found in San Francisco.   umläut has been funded primarily through generous grants from, among others, the Milagro Foundation and the Friends of School of the Arts (FOSOTA). Parent donations and its own sales make up the balance.

Selected Creative Writing students form the staff of umläut and, in coordination with adviser Sarah Fontaine, deal with every aspect of the book’s production. They define staff roles and plan the production schedule; they solicit, select, and edit material from students throughout SOTA and the Academy of the Arts and Sciences; they handle layout, typesetting, proofreading and production through InDesign; and they price, publicize, and distribute the journal itself.

For the prospective CW student, reading back issues providesx a clearer picture of the quality and variety of work done in the department. Our Student Writing page, which features a selection of our work, provides just a taste.

Beginning in Spring 2016, Umläut has expanded into an online literary journal available at