Playwriting in Person by Isabella Hansen

I started my first playwriting unit over zoom. Locked in my room, I would gaze at my computer screen as the Creative Writing department attempted improv games over the computer. Lockdown hit my freshman year, preventing me from gaining an in person playwriting unit. It was the same scenario with my Sophomore year and I vividly remember worrying over the fact that I might not ever get an in person playwriting class. And even if we did, would I be prepared? I have only ever had online playwriting units, would I even be qualified? I was both nervous and excited to start my first ever in-person playwriting unit and gain the experience of both acting and writing. 

Fun is the least I can say about our playwriting unit. We have had Drag Shows with the theme of a Greek tragedy, almost busted our vocal cords trying to reach certain pitches and did scene work using fake words. I have been having a blast and all the expectations that I had about  in-person playwriting were drastically exceeded. One of my most favorite components of playwriting is watching my plays being performed in front of me. One assignment we had was to bring a play to class that we would like to see performed. I brought my most recent play about a smoothie shop and almost had to be resuscitated after my peer’s killed their performance as the characters I picked for them to play. Playwriting is our last writing unit of the school year and will always be my favorite unit. Acting and doing fun improv games and scene work with my classmates will be experiences I will always cherish. Although I can’t complain about zoom playwriting, I was lucky after all to even get a playwriting experience, I am very happy with the certain aspects of playwriting I can do now.

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