Kirby Cove Year Three by Emily Kozhina

Being a creative writer at SotA comes with accepting all the traditions that come with being in the department. One of the most favored traditions is the overnight trip to Kirby Cove, a camping spot in Marin County. During our stay, all the students participate in activities like swimming in the bay, soccer, and sitting around the campfire, face glowing with content and sweat and bay water.

When I was a freshman, “Kirby Cove” was a magic word, one mention and all of the other grades began to chatter excitedly, which both intrigued and terrified me. What was so incredible about some overnight camping trip? Now, as a junior, I’ve gone three times, and I completely understand. Of course, I won’t go into detail of the events that occur, because the students who have gone already know, the parents of those students have already heard about it, and the future CW students will soon find out.

Rather than the events of the trip, I wanted to write about something far more touching, which is the pleasant bonding that occurs during the trip. One of my favorite times in Kirby Cove is sitting around the fire late at night. People are roasting marshmallows, telling stories and chatting, and most importantly, making sure Heather wouldn’t wake up (It happened once, but she was too charmed to get angry with us, and went back to sleep). I watched as some nodded off to sleep while they stared into the fire, while others protected the group from thieving raccoons. Occasionally, a handful of people who leave to walk around and stay awake, and always came back cold and lonely, cured by the peaceful bonfire. Staring into the fire and hearing distant laughs further down by the ocean, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be in this department, and have experiences I’ll cherish until I’m old.

Emily Kozhina
Class of 2020

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