Velvet Jumpsuits by Sequoia Hack

I think the peak of fashion for many people is when they are toddlers or in their teens. So far, I think my peak was when I was about three years old. My parents recall me insisting on wearing an outfit resembling a Goodwill’s changing room to preschool. Many a time this wonderful outfit was composed of a (now iconic) velvet, leopard-print jumpsuit (with large holes worn in the butt, of course), purple sparkly sunglasses that barely covered the whites of my eyeballs, shimmery silver jelly high heels (always too large), and a mop of messy hair. They say I refused to take it off, and would throw a tantrum anytime they tried to get me to shower. If they succeeded, the whole outfit would get thrown back on following the shower, even if water was still dripping off of my body. I wore this outfit to school, I wore it to the park, I wore it clomping around the house. My parents were often amused by my lack of willingness to wear something relatively “normal.” I was stubborn and opinionated, and not afraid to show my feelings.

That flare exists in me today, but much less flaunted through my clothing choices. I have been kindly informed by friends on many accounts that my unhappiness with people shows too much by my scrunched eyebrows and narrowed eyes. I am working on improving my patience and have been trying to do a better job of hiding my displeasement with others, however annoyed looks are an integral part of me. My clothing choices were representative of my bold opinions, as I did not yet have the skills to tangle my face into knots of frustration. Occasionally, I still add denim jeans with orange flares at the cuffs, my father’s corduroy blazer, or Betsey Johnson flowered pants to an outfit, but for right now, my face is the most effective way of expressing myself.

Sequoia Hack, class of 2021

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