Kirby Cove by Huck Shelf

Every year, the Creative Writers go camping in the Marin Headlands, at a small campground known as Kirby Cove. It is, of course, scenic. There is bright blue water, and trees, and fresh air. There is a rope swing above the water that is incredibly fun. There is a bunker upon which we hung out. However, it’s more than that. It’s a bonding experience.

As a freshman, it was my first time. I was apprehensive for a million reasons. I was worried I wouldn’t get enough sleep, worried people wouldn’t like me, worried I wouldn’t have fun. None of this proved true. It was incredibly fun, and I grew better friends with everyone there.

We talked, and sung. We made s’mores, and we ate s’mores. My fear vanished almost immediately. Everybody was kind to me and my fellow freshman. I felt like we were part of a giant family.

Of course, this has some bearing on my writing. Nature always inspires me. I want to write every time I am in the woods, or at the beach. Also, the friendships that I have made encourage me to continue to write and share and make art.

Huck Shelf, class of 2019

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