Field Day Prep by Clare Sabry

You may think that us SOTA kids are artistic recluses. We sit in a school all day with next to no windows and have been known to hiss at the sun like vampires, but you would be surprised how much we interact with the natural world.

            Sometimes nature comes to us, this week in the form of rainwater falling from the hallway ceiling. But tomorrow, School of the Arts is coming to nature, the field, more specifically, to take part in a legendary event aptly named Field Day.

            At Field Day, the departments battle it out in a variety of competitions including the human pyramid contest, donut-eating, a three-legged race, and a chain of people trying to fit themselves through a hula hoop. Historically Creative Writing has been a frontrunner in these events, winning the grand prize on two different occasions, and we always take preparations seriously.

            Thus emerges today’s montage of running and climbing, singing and yelling, all necessary steps to get ready for tomorrow’s games. Good luck, SOTA CW! May the best department win.

 Clare Sabry, class of 2017

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