Mission Proof

Let the streets be the given.
The buildings are a defining property of the

The x axis is numbered 1–30.
Let the x axis be called Mission.
Points are clustered between 15 and 25.

In this equation, all buildings have a height ≥
2 stories, though not all have two distinct stories.

In f (x), where x are spoken words, f is

Though food varies, it has a probability >50%
of being enjoyable.
Note: Enjoyable ≠ good for
See “Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs.”

The number of fruterías ≈ 1.5 the number
of panaderías.
All baked goods within a panadería need not
be of a single origin.

Within the limits of the stores, sequins
are incorporated in 40% of the clothing.
Outside the limits of the stores,
sequins are incorporated in 0.5% of the

The boarded up movie theaters are
scattered along the x axis, but have no
They are structured absences.

The fire escapes are the vertices.
From these points all other points can
be calculated.

by Hazel Mankin
Class of 2013
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