The Bachelor

by Avi (’15)

The Bachelor’s
 new season premiers January Seventh at 8 o’clock on ABC Channel 7.  I will agree that this show can be at times over-dramatic, seemingly pointless, completely corrupted, trashy, not SF Bay Area, but don’t hate until you have watched a season or two, or possibly, maybe six.  Here is a brief synopsis of the show:

“The new Bachelor will get to know the 25 women in a series of fun, exciting and exotic dates that will elicit real and raw emotions. As in the past, women will continue to be eliminated each week, but if, at any point along the way, a woman should decide that she’s no longer interested in the Bachelor, she can reject his invitation to continue dating. Some lucky women will meet his family, and he will visit their hometowns for a slice of their life in an effort to determine the woman with whom he is most compatible.  At the end of the journey, the Bachelor may quite possibly have found true love. (”

There is also The Bachelorette, which is essentially the same show but with 25 men.

The reason I watch this show is because there are some incredibly interesting characters, and while they mainly play off of stereotypes, some genuine, kind, marry-able people shine through.  In the last episode the fan base is invited for a Q&A and you’d be surprised how full the seats are, and for the many of you who like to be part of fandoms, The Bachelor has a fandom for you to follow!

The final reason, and possibly the most important reason, why I watch this show is because aren’t we all slightly “hopeless romantics” and don’t we all want a fairytale ending?  These fairytale endings almost never work out, as we find out in the tabloids while waiting in line at Mollie Stones, but it’s fun to be all up in someone else’s business (you know like you did in 3rd grade).

Whenever I tell people what I do on Monday nights, people glare at me and make unfair judgements, and while I am sure your productive night of homework was great and all, I can assure you that you missed out.

I am super excited for this new season!  One of the ex-bachelors is “The Bachelor,” and on the trailer there is a lot of drama, even siren noises, so you know this is gonna be good.

For those of you who missed the new episode you can view it on Hulu, it is important to watch the shows in order as people get eliminated each week.  I can’t wait for tonight’s episode, and the season finale where we find out who wins the prize of marriage!

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  1. Heather Woodward says:

    Commas go INSIDE of quotation marks, Mister. Heather

    Heather Woodward

    Director, Creative Writing

    Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

    555 Portola Drive

    San Francisco, CA 94131



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