Anyone I’ve known who has ever attended the CSSSA program has LOVED it.  Just loved it.  I was talking to a SOTA parent whose daughter attended the Films Studies program and he said that she was so ecstatic about the experience that she didn’t want to return a second summer because she didn’t want to tarnish her perfect memory.  Another student I knew was having one of those infamous “Sophomore Boy Syndrome” years where his grades dropped, he missed tons of school, and just didn’t seem to care much about anything. Somehow, though, he made it into the program (he does have extraordinary talent).  He returned energized and had a stellar Junior Year.

CSSSA stands for California State Summer School for the Arts, located in Valencia California (where awesomeness lives).  It’s a competitive pre-college program that offers a full-range of arts programming, including Creative Writing.  The application deadline is February 28th.


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