Bailey Writes

by Bailey (’15)

1. Sheep. Ever since I was very small, since before I could even talk I have been terrified of sheep. So terrified of sheep that I vividly remember my mother trying to put me into a dress with a fuzzy appliqué sheep on it and screaming hysterically and not being able to articulate that the sheep was really REALLY scary. I don’t know why I have always found sheep so terrifying. They are what sweaters are made of so they can’t be all bad, right?

2. Rabbits. When I was very small I was very scared that I was a rabbit. I have always had a hard time separating dreams and my imagination from reality and I was always so scared that I would not be able to tell when I was dreaming and when I wasn’t. (Maybe that’s why I understood Inception so well, because it is one of my biggest fears.) The way I communicated this fear to my mother was waking her up around midnight sobbing “Mommy what if I’m a rabbit and everything is a dream?”

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