It’s Like Sex (But BETTER!)

by Jules (’14)

Left to right: Alex F., Dorian C., Bailey L., and Jules C.

The thing that I find really engaging about forming and leading a band is that it forces me into a leadership role that I wouldn’t otherwise be in, and I get to take the lead in a sort of communal ecstasy that not a lot of people get to experience. To hear someone playing a beat to your song, expanding on your vocal line, coming up with a bass part to your song, is a transcendental experience because even though I’m the one who brings the stuff to the table, we all get to tear into it and sometimes Dorian will tear off a really interesting drum solo, or Alex will just bake a badass bass line, or Bailey with take one of my vocal lines and cut it up into something completely different, and it becomes something we all get to share. To be able to play your own music, sing your own words, is something only writers get to do. The classical education in SOTA does teach theory, but only those people who want to apply it to creating something get to feel that collaborative ecstasy of having someone expand on something that’s yours. That’s really what The 28 Lifeline is all about. It may be my words and my chords, but I would never be able to sustain it by myself, and it certainly would not have the flavor and versatility it does without Dorian’s beats, Bailey’s voice, or Alex’s bass lines. For us, there’ll always be that moment when we look at each other after nailing a set list, and we just are all grinning because the thought is ‘That’s us. No one can do that but us.’ And that near post-orgasmic feeling is the reason we all do it.

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