Submission Anxiety. We all get it. We all deal with it. We all sit back in out chairs, look at the ceiling, take a breather, breathe in, breathe out, then start searching through the giant list of places to submit. We pick a few that seem promising–like they would be a good home for our writing, and click that dreaded submit button. Will they like it? Will they accept it? Will their rejection letter be as long-winded and purposefully inoffensive as the others? Then, we wait a few weeks or a few months, getting excited when we notice we have mail in our inbox before we realize that, no, it was just someone spamming everybody pictures of cats. Hurray.

There’s no cure, unfortunately. But there are ways to make it easier.

Check out the Yahoo! group CRWROPPS-B · Creative Writers Opportunities List

and the website NewPages

for opportunities for submissions.

I promise. It will get better.

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