The Real Americans

by Josie (’16)

Dan Hoyle’s show, The Real Americans, exceeded my wildest expectations. What I had expected was an older gentleman, maybe clad in old, worn-out corduroy slacks, a plaid shirt, and fleece vest clutching a cane, reciting his life story to a large audience. This was not the case, fortunately. Dan Hoyle is a young, very attractive man with enough energy to do a one-man show that is both exciting and captivating. He wore a plain white shirt and jeans and a variety of baseball caps to differentiate between the characters. The other aspect of his show that surprised me was how he could capture each character so precisely that I could really see the person Hoyle was acting as. It was almost as if those people were on the stage with him. Hoyle was so comfortable with the theater space usually filled with other actors and being in front of an audience alone. Hoyle also did an excellent job of encapsulating the “Real Americans.” He had the accents and the behavior and actions that the classic middle-of-America Americans would have. Hoyle also had the excellent point that we live in a liberal bubble in San Francisco, and that is why it is important to be exposed to who the “Real Americans” are. I hope Dan Hoyle has other shows to come that I can enjoy as much as I enjoyed The Real Americans. I would recommend all who have the opportunity to go see the play, do it!

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