What If We Just Drew Bees

by Kwesi (’15)

I have a habit of taking notes. Not in class, when I’m supposed to, but when the people sitting in front of me are having a conversation or when the teacher has an emotional breakdown and starts crying in the middle of third period, and afterwards I’ll look down at my notebook and see lines of “I can’t take this anymore/Did you hear about what Kayla did over the weekend/Stop talking and listen! Learn to listen!”.

And sometimes I don’t know where the notes come from. The other day, in English class, I found the phrase “What if we just drew bees” at the top of my otherwise empty paper.

“What if we just drew bees?” What if we did? What if that was an integral part of our society, and that was the only way to record what we were like and what we thought? What if we had to decode the intricate political policies of the 17th century through haphazard doodles of bees?

And through that ridiculous hypothetical question, the door to discussions of and reflections on our society and our normal is opened.

Sometimes silly questions are the only way to address really serious subjects. Even when we are thinkers, intellectuals, we are still people wrapped up in our little world and our way of life. We can’t be entirely objective, and many times we don’t want to be. But as soon as you introduce drawing bees? It isn’t about us. And when it isn’t about us, we can look at “us” as a silly question, too.

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