Field Day From an Unbiased Expert

by Molly (’15)

Many people are nervous about Field Day. Strolling down the halls at school, one can hear a variety of conversations from different departments, all bragging about how quickly they can form a human pyramid or eat a doughnut off a string. When I hear these conversations, I can’t help but crack a smile. They are such fools. It is completely obvious that Creative Writing will win field day.

I have many reasons to believe this with such fervor. I will do my best to explain these reasons to you; they are all quite simple.

1. The sun is yellow. Yellow is the color of Creative Writing. The sun is also the reason we are all alive. Therefore, if we do not win, there will be no life.

2. Due to yellow’s eye-catching presence, it is very unlikely any Creative Writers will get hit by a car during the night. Therefore, no Creative Writer will be missing on Field Day, giving us a better chance of success.

3. Very intelligent individuals agree with my point, making it even more credible. Even Barack Obama mentioned it:

“It is very likely [that Creative Writing] … will … win [Field Day] … they are [so incredibly talented] … that every other [department] … [pales] … in comparison.”

I hope my explanations will convince those of us that are still doubtful of Creative Writing’s obvious victory.

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