Songwriting à la CW

How many Creative Writers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Heck if I know, but I do know how many Cdubs it takes to write a song.

…Or maybe not. But I do know, for sure this time, that whatever song however many Cdubs write, it is guaranteed to be quality.

Jules Cunningham, sophomore, is our resident Tom Waits groupie-stalker (by his own claim). He began class with songs/poems by Tom Waits, then, giddy in his fanboying haze, told everyone to split up into groups of three or four and emulate the style: poetry with accompanying music to set the scene, to fill in the blanks the words left.

The result? Half an hour of wonderful entertainment, ranging from spoken word with drumming, to songs with actual melodies, to taiko drumming and rapping. Today, Creative Writers showcased our set of truly diverse talents, musically or otherwise. Special mention goes to the Alex/Shanna/Sophia trio, who performed the instant hit and doubtless CW classic, “Everybody Poops.”

“Hey guys! What makes you poop?”

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