Umlaut Release Party

Thanks to the umläut staff who made this year’s umläut release party the best we’ve ever seen! Hosted at our dearly beloved 826 Valencia, party-goers were greeted with delightful decorations in deep sea theme under an ambiance lighting.

green and blue decorated every light source in the room

The 2012 release of umläut, Even-Toed Ungulate, is only one in a long line of many remarkable collections of a variety of art from students here at SOTA. From photography to paintings to, of course, writing, umläut’s got it all.

A full set of umläuts as the grand prize for the raffle

The crowd was filled with people– parents, students and wanderers alike– gathered as one attentive audience for the guest readers, reading poetry, short stories, and a script in this year’s publication.

And who can forget the delightful guest stars, local bands Rin Tin Tiger and Comodo Complex?

The raffle was a success, the charming prizes attesting to the staff’s creativity and spirit.

A fun social gathering of friends and family supporting our community of artists, the party was a tremendous success. Umläut staff, you guys were stupendous, providing and generous. This party will forever leave its mark in Creative Writing history and be commemorated for its achievements.

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