All of the Congratulations

Cdubs are a truly fantastic bunch, in which we are writers and poets in our entirety, not simply by virtue of being in the Creative Writing program. Last Friday, the Poetry OutLoud competition took place in 202, and after an intense hour and a half of reading the poems they learned by heart, Abigail emerged as the winner for the second year running, and Lizzie as the runner up. In another recitation competition on Saturday, our very own Hosanna took home the second place title.

Hi All:

Hosanna took second place with her recitation on Saturday morning!

Congratulations to Hosanna–and to Abigail and Lizzie, who took first and second in the POL competition. I am very proud ofeveryone who participated in POL. I hope that you will all participate next year and that others are inspired to do so as well.


And that’s not all, for we’ve also had a series of publications from students Flavia, Lizzie, and Midori. Congratulations, all!

Cdubs, I know you must be tired of hearing it by now, but seriously! Send Rebecca and I an email if you get published in anything. In the words of Rita Skeeter, “The public has the right to know!” (Or something like that– I don’t make a point to remember the quotes of a sleazy, fictional reporter.)

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