2/6 Week Update

There’s a lot going on this week, and the blog staff are trying our best to accommodate SOTA Cdubs’ busy schedule, so here are the main things on the menu:

1. Congratulations to Avi and Shanna on their upcoming publications! Avi is being published in amphibi.us, and Shanna is having her poem “Atrophy” published on Valentine’s Day in H.O.D., Issue #6. The editor originally praised Shanna’s poem, saying it was very close to what they were looking for, but did not publish it. She suggested some revisions and for Shanna to resubmit. Shanna revised, submitted, and the poem was accepted. It’s all about revision! –Heather

2. As you may have noted, the CW Blog is currently undergoing a couple of formatting changes. Some are major, some minor, but one that deserves special mention is the new official CW event calendar! For all those who cannot access the GoogleCalendar, have no fear, for it is displayed publicly right on this page.

3. As part of changes to our blog, it would be awesome if Cdubs can send Midori or Rebecca their poems or fiction pieces that they’ve published, or just particularly like and want to see on the website. We are trying to freshen up some content to make the site officially “student-run.”


Tomorrow, Feb. 7: You experimental poem assignment from Samantha Giles’ visit is due. Also, CAHSEE testing all morning for sophomores.

Wednesday, Feb. 8: NO LATE START. Readings and Submissions are due

Friday, Feb. 24: The Poetry OutLoud Final will be taking place in the CW room right after school. One of them will be going to Sacramento, so support your fellow Cdub!

Tuesday, April 20: Be at the Herbst Theater at 7:30 to hear Ann Lamott.

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