This Week at SOTA…

Wednesday, Sept. 28 – 9:00 am Late Start

Friday, Sept. 30 – “Best of Boot Camp” (4:30 pm and 7:00 pm)

Remember, guys, we need to attend two different performances by different art disciplines per semester! Department showcases as well as brownbags (lunchtime showcases) count, as long as you give Heather a program of the show signed by either the art director or someone in charge. All of the departments are extremely talented and great at what they do, and everyone is encouraged to go to as many shows as possible. Support your fellow SOTA students!

For the students who take BART as transport frequently, here’s something from the main office:

The first batch of Student Discount BART Tickets sold out almost immediately. We had no idea how great the demand would be. A new batch of tickets will arrive Thursday. Thanks for your interest and patience.

SOTA is selling half-price, student BART tickets in the main office (see Paulette) during school hours. Tickets are $16/card (a $32 value) and we accept cash or checks (payable to SOTA). Students may purchase purchase a maximum of 4 cards at a time.

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