“Bladerunner” this Friday

This Friday at the Randall Museum is “Bladerunner,” a classic sci-fi thriller, directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down).

FRIDAY SEPT 9 Cine/Club Randall Museum 199 Museum Way

Refreshments 6:30 FIlm Program starts at 7pm


Student film: POE (group film by the workshop)

Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER (1982, USA)

A bold and mesmerizing vision of the future, this film has been one of our most popular, and with good reason. It’s a chilling detective thriller set against one of the most dazzling future cities ever imagined, but its underlying themes about humanity and self-determination are just as strong.

For those who can’t make it to the required two Cine/Clubs, Art Saturdays also count for Art&Film credit. This Saturday, September 10th, Ronald will be taking people to downtown galleries, a picnic in Yerba Buena Gardens, and a movie that you will have to pay for.

Meet at Metreon on the park side facing the waterfall. We’ll be sitting on the wall waiting for you! Students should RSVP for Art Saturdays when possible, so we can plan the picnic. However, don’t let that keep you from showing up if you decide at the last minute.
11:15-12:45 Some of the Downtown galleries. We’ll see the shows at Modernism, Paule Anglim, Haines, Koch and Fraekel for starters.

12:45-Picnic-Yerba Buena Gardens

1:30 FILM to be announced-

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