The time is almost here for submissions to be turned in!

On Wednesday, September 21st, all Cdubs must turn in a list of three pieces that have been submitted for publication within the six week period. Instead of wading through the thick, impenetrable sludge that Google spews up when you type in “writing submissions,” simply sign up with CWRWOPPS. Join the group with whatever email you use (yahoo!Groups supports Facebook and Google accounts) to get updates whenever someone posts with a call for submissions.

Another useful website to find submissions is Duotrope, a search engine you can use to narrow down the range of your results (i.e. you want to submit a piece in a certain genre, select from the drop-down list, and all the affiliates with Duotrope that are looking for a piece with that certain genre will appear). There are no daily updates with Duotrope, however, so you’re responsible for checking in and submitting your work.

Submissions are a big part of being a writer, so spread your writing around, and get them published; as Heather always says, good writers will submit more than three times!

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