In the Spirit of Thanksgiving by Harmony Wicker

As a high school student, it is easy to forget how much I depend on my parents. I rarely consider that they have lives outside of my own. Many may find this self-centered or selfish, but as a teenager, it is normal to believe that the world revolves around your whims. It only seems natural for my parents to fund my projects, drive me around, or wait for me to finish after-school activities. However, upon reflection, I’ve come to realize how hard it would be for me to live on my own and pursue a career in creative writing.

Writing is a career that is notorious for not being extremely lucrative. Unless you make it big, or sell some organs on the black market, it is hard to live a relatively nice life in the Bay Area. That isn’t to say it cannot be done. There are plenty of writers who are successful, well- known, and have made a lot of money. Sadly, however, that reality isn’t true for all aspiring writers. For these reasons, I am in the perfect place as a young writer to explore writing to its fullest. This is all because of my parents.

When I really think about this fact, I understand how much I need my parents’ support during these odd teenage years. They save me from the worries of the adult world and its issues. This could easily include having to take care of a child, utilities, food, or possibly another adult human being. My parents’ support allows for me to be able to focus solely on my passion and improve my writing so that I become better at my art. And sure, while parents in some ways can seem overbearing and slightly annoying at times, their effort in helping me with life is invaluable. This time of year forces you to think about all the things we have to be thankful for, and this was at the top of my list.

Little Notes by Isi Vasquez

Lately, to start off class, the head of Creative Writing, Heather, has been having us write little notes to each other. Just something nice to a random person in the department, or a book recommendation, or a secret, or something like that. It’s a quiet sort of ritual. We tell each other brief little stories at the beginning of class every day. It’s become one of my favorite things to do, simply because I get a sweet little note from someone, and get to give a sweet little note to someone else. Before Thanksgiving, our prompt was to tell our person what we were thankful for. I got a note saying that my person was thankful for me.

I’m only sharing this because I’ve had a terrible few days, and it’s a nugget of gold in this field of coal. I’m sharing this because I want everyone who reads this to know that if they want to be part of this community, we will welcome you, and we will find you a safe place. Even if it feels like everything is falling down around your ears, we will find you a safe place, a place where at least there is one thing that is positive. Yes, this is cheesy, yes, it might even be cliché, but it’s also important. If you feel down, someone will care. If you feel lonely, someone will help. If you need to talk, someone will listen. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for these small moments that I get every day that make things seem not quite so bad.

Isi Vasquez, class of 2019