FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 CINE/CLUB Randall Museum 199 Museum Way Refreshments 6:30 Film Program 7
Ronald Chase, moderator
Short Film: Chris Anthony’s And Everything in Between
Student group film: The Balloon Man 
Terry Jones’ THE MEANING OF LIFE (1983, England)

A now, for something completely different! This Monty Python classic is filled with some of their most outrageously funny sketches. The British comedy troupe takes on the challenge of uncovering the meaning of life, from birth, through school, work, live organ transplants and the afterlife.  It’s extravagant excess and a thoughtful skewing of the world we live in. 

PARENTAL WARNING: there’s simulated sex, but it’s a riot.


A masterpiece by Monty Python?  You bet. And close to one of the most popular films we’ve ever shown. We’re starting this year with a Hit Parade! Python makes fun of all the popular classics—starting off with a musical take-off a-la-Mary Poppins about Catholics and Protestants war on birth control. 

It continues with sex education, corporate mergers, national heath care, the bureaucracy, over-eating, greed, and winds up, of course, in Heaven. You’ll never forget the “ middle-of-the-film” with its elephant dressed in a tux and the mysterious question, “where did that fishy go?” We hope you won’t die laughing, but we’ll have the ambulance waiting, just in case. Come early because this one will be really popular.