Art & Film – Tarkovsky Essay Contest

One of the earliest units Creative Writing delved into this semester was an “art unit” taught by Ronald Chase, where he helped us understand the changing landscape, subject, and techniques of art, and taught us ways in which we communicate about art. Why use, “I just don’t like it very much,” when you can go much deeper into the composition and specify? “This blank canvas may attempt to communicate a blank and slightly saturated view of what art has fallen into, but fails because it is, in effect, a blank canvas.”

The unit concluded with an essay contest in which we were to enter: the 2012 Tarkovsky Essay Contest, involving a short essay on any of the Art & Film movies we had seen and wanted to write about. The lucky winners were: Abigail Schott-Rosenfield, 11th grade, Tarkovsky Prize winner; Frances Saux, 11th grade, 2nd Place; Midori Chen, 11th Grade, 3rd Place; and Bailey Lewis Van, 10th Grade, runner-up.

A link to all of their essays can be found here. Congrats to the winners and all other C-Dubs who entered!

Twitter Micro-Lit Contest

Unstuck is hosting an entry fee-free micro-lit contest for all their followers on Twitter! Fiction, poetry, and non-fiction entries can be entered in exactly twelve tweets, each with 140 words or less, and the winning pieces will be posted in UnstuckMag‘s Twitter feed. The theme is Lovemarks, so for all of you micro-fiction, micro-poetry, micro-essay writers, Twitter is easy to set up and access. Contest will be closed December 31.

For more information:

Holiday Contest

Anybody who feels like they’ve got a funny, moving, or interesting take on the holidays, submit to this contest- there’s no entrance fee, hurray!

Holiday Writing Contest
1. Write a short piece about a year end holiday celebration. It can be Christmas, Thanksgiving,
Chaunakkah, Kwanza, New Year’s, the Soltice, or whatever holiday you celebrate.
2. The length should be between 1,000 and 2,500 words.
3. If you have a specific reading demographic in mind (YA, Children, etc.), please indicate it.
4. Proofread thoroughly.
5. Post your story to your Google Docs account with permission to share with <moserbill37(at)> .
6. Include only the title and the number of words on the title page.
7. On the last page include your name, a statement that this is your own work, and a bio of no more than 75 words. You may wish to include previous publications, your hometown, your background, your secret fantasy (no longer a secret, of course), or your answer to any specious Miss America Question you prefer.
8. Winners are the sole decision of the judges, although all judging of entries will be blind. If the judges deem it appropriate, there may be no contest winner. That is very unlikely, however.
9. There is no entry fee for this contest.
10. The prize for the winner of this contest is $25 and publication on this website.
11. You may submit as many entries as you wish, but make sure they are thoughtful.
12. All entries must be received by December 19, 2011. Publication of the winner will be shortly after the contest ends, toward the end of December. NB: This is an earlier date than for previous contests.
13. This contest is sponsored by an anonymous donor, the spirit of giving, and the letter A and the number 2.