CW Alum at an Oakland Reading!

Reading alert! The lovely Sayre Quevedo, who graduated from the Creative Writing department last year, is going to be featured at the Bitchez Brew reading series once again. He, along with several other talented writers, will be reading at the Awaken Cafe in Downtown Oakland on May 12th at 7:30 pm. Come and have an utterly “bohemian” time, maybe do some old-fashioned networking, or make some neat friends.


Alumnus Achieves

Atticus Graven, a 2010 Creative Writing alumnus, visited the class this past Thursday. He now attends Pennsylvania’s Ursinus College, and recently was admitted to the rather exclusive Ursinus College Writing Fellowship, where for at least two hours a week he helps fellow students with their essays, personal projects, and writing overall; as a part of the program, he also takes a class in order to learn how best to teach writing. Being a part of the program pays a decent three thousand or so a year. When asked why he chose to apply for this fellowship, he replied with a shrug and simply, “I miss writing.”

– Reba