I Had My One-And-A-Half-Year Anniversary And I’m Not Even Freaking Out

by Sophia (’13)

On Friday, my girlfriend and I acknowledged our one-and-half-year (18 months) anniversary. We didn’t get to celebrate because we had to help set up for the Chanukah party that would be taking place the day after. But, we didn’t mind. We’ve gotten to a point where just being around each other is enough celebration.

It wasn’t always so easy to just BE. Before this relationship, I’d only ever been in relationships that lasted two months, tops. Which isn’t a surprise.   We’re in high school after all, so there’s no rush to be in a serious relationship. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on getting in one. It just kind of happened.

But anyway, having two months be my longest relationship beforehand, approaching on things like the three months mark was a huge deal. We dressed up and went to a nice restaurant to celebrate. I made her try filet mignon for the first time. And I spent a couple of weeks freaking out about “OH MY GOD THREE MONTHS THREE MONTHS THAT IS SO LONG WOW THREE MONTHS.”  Yeah, I’m a little pathetic when it comes to relationships.

So anyway, you’d think I’d freak over the 18 month mark. But I didn’t. Being in a long-term relationship as a seventeen-and-a-HALF year old  has taught me a lot. Like, just because you don’t celebrate something EXACTLY when it happens doesn’t mean it’s insignificant (we went ice skating the next night. In matching gloves. Oh, yeah. We’re that kind of couple). And, even when you know you’re right in an argument, it’s better to just apologize for being a big jerk and say “I love you.” Also: cuddles are better than any fancy date or hormonal-driven romp. Waking up next to someone with morning breath and bed head and holding their hand is the best feeling in the world. Making waffles for a hungry, sleepy girlfriend is one of the most satisfying things you can do, and sometimes just acting like five year olds for ten minutes can be really, really fun. Being in a relationship is also GREAT fuel for poetry (or a senior thesis, hint, hint).

I guess the point is, we just passed a bit of a milestone. They say that after 18 months, the honeymoon phase starts to wear off and it gets a lot harder. But we’ve been through a lot. And we make a great team. And I never get tired of having conversations entirely in meowing. I think the other point is that relationships are great and all, but they’re best when they’re unexpected. Oh, and you don’t have to freak out over the big things all the time! Sometimes you just have to be with the person you love and anything turns into a celebration.

(P.S. Happy Anniversary, babe. Thanks for the rose, it’s staying creepily alive even though I haven’t put it in water. I think it’s because it’s blue.)

One thought on “I Had My One-And-A-Half-Year Anniversary And I’m Not Even Freaking Out

  1. Julie Glantz says:

    I had a birthday this week. A big birthday. (Well, biggish.) They tend to bring a lot of life reflection and thoughts about youth and aging and nagging questions about my own life and those of the people around me. Thank you for this glimpse of your celebration of love. It made me feel optimistic that sweet things still happen and it gave me a sense of hope for future fun and joy. Blue rose. Very cool.

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