4/27 – Stalker

Midori —  04/27/2012 — Leave a comment

This is the second to last Cine/club! Take advantage.

Refreshments 6:30 Film 7pm

Andrei Tarkovsky’s STALKER (1979, Russia)

A different kind of science fiction–a journey through “The Zone” to find the room where wishes come true. Come stretch your mind.

“The film itself has become synonymous both with cinema’s claims to high art and a test of the viewer’s ability to appreciate it as such. Anyone sharing Cate Blanchett’s enthusiasm for it – “every single frame of the film is burned into my retina” – attests not just to the director’s lofty purity of purpose, but to their own capacity to survive at the challenging peaks of human achievement.”

“Danger! High-radiation arthouse!”



Once upon a time, cats were lonely, so they wanted someone whose only purpose in existence was to love and cherish cats. Thus, the Creative Writers were born. Out of the glowing bundle of soft and squishy warmness and fluff was a stack of Post-It notes that absolutely adored cats. Cats named that stack Midori, and that was that.

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